House cleaning services Integrity Carpet Care, LLC IndianapolisHave you ever wondered what to get for the person who has everything or for the person who is going through a challenging time? Instead of sending flowers, consider a much more thoughtful and helpful alternative, and arrange for personal house cleaning services. At Integrity Carpet Care, LLC, our trusted team of cleaners is available for daily, weekly, monthly, and even single visits. For those who just don’t have enough hours in the day or those who have too much on their plates and need a hand getting it all done, you can count on us!

Who Can Benefit From A Personal House Cleaning Service?

  • The elderly wanting to remain in their own home but needing an extra hand to keep up with the house cleaning.
  • Individuals who have been, or are, ill or those who have a loved one they need to look after and may not have the extra energy to stay on top of daily tasks.
  • Families with newborn babies or young children who have their hands full with the kids, never mind trying to keep the bathrooms scrubbed and the floors clean.
  • Individuals or families who are always on the go, staying busy with recreational activities and simply aren’t home enough to keep their house as neat as they might like.
  • Professionals who travel a lot for work and would like to come home to a clean house or condo.
  • Those whose homes have been through a disaster such as a fire or major storm and require fire damage restoration, storm damage restoration, or water damage restoration.

At Integrity Carpet Care, LLC, we provide personal house cleaning services in the Indianapolis area based on our clients’ requirements and schedules. We also offer carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, and many other residential and commercial cleaning services. Contact us today at (317) 730-2570 to request a quote and to schedule house cleaning for yourself or as a gift that is sure to be extremely appreciated.