The Phoenix Effect: Restoring Your Home after Fire Damage

Frigid weather during winter months means the use of fireplaces, space heaters, and electric blankets. Holiday parties generate family activities accompanied by cooking and high kitchen activity. Unfortunately, the use of alternative heating sources and cooking can present fire safety hazards. In the event you are faced with traumatic incidents like home fires, it’s reassuring to know Integrity Carpet Care, LLC is here to provide fire damage restoration.

7 Common Fire Damage Causes & How to Prevent Them

At Integrity Carpet Care, LLC, we believe that there’s something to “the more you know”! One of the best ways to prevent fires is to understand what causes them the most. For instance, the top most common cause of fires in the U.S. is from cooking equipment that overheats when people get distracted. Now, with this bit of information, you’ll probably be more attentive the next time you’re cooking—right?With that thought in mind, here are some other common causes of fires and fire damage that can be easily prevented.

House Cleaning Services – The Best Gift You Can Give!

Have you ever wondered what to get for the person who has everything or for the person who is going through a challenging time? Instead of sending flowers, consider a much more thoughtful and helpful alternative, and arrange for personal house cleaning services. At Integrity Carpet Care, LLC, our trusted team of cleaners is available for daily, weekly, monthly, and even single visits. For those who just don’t have enough hours in the day or those who have too much on their plates and need a hand getting it all done, you can count on us!