Answering Your Vent and Duct Cleaning Questions

As a homeowner, it seems like the to-do list is never ending. From interior to exterior home improvements and repairs, the costs of maintaining a home can feel overwhelming. For these reasons, it’s easy to skip over preventative maintenance. It’s important to be proactive in order to curb costly repairs in the future. Vent and duct cleaning are often neglected, but it is an important step to keeping a healthy living environment. Let the cleaning professionals at Integrity Carpet Care, LLC help you from procrastinating by checking vent and duct cleaning off of your to-do list.

Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall is upon us, and with the turning of the seasons comes the need to deep clean the house to prepare for more time indoors and getting cozy during the cooler weather. Don’t fret though; you can use our spring cleaning checklist to guide you, and chances are, you’ll have a lot less to do at this time of year anyway. Plus, before you get started, you can take a look at some of the tips and chores below, provided by your friends at Integrity Carpet Care, LLC.

How to Spot Signs of Mold in Your Home

There are thousands of strains of mold. Many of them have no effect on humans, some cause subtle irritation, and others can be serious health hazards. If you suspect the presence of harmful mold in your home or workplace, it is important to have it tested, identified, and if needed, move ahead with mold remediation as soon as possible.