House cleaning services | Fall CleaningFall is upon us, and with the turning of the seasons comes the need to deep clean the house to prepare for more time indoors and getting cozy during the cooler weather. Don’t fret though; you can use our spring cleaning checklist to guide you, and chances are, you’ll have a lot less to do at this time of year anyway. Plus, before you get started, you can take a look at some of the tips and chores below, provided by your friends at Integrity Carpet Care, LLC.

5 Cleaning Tips

  1. Now that it’s safe to turn off the air conditioning, open up the windows and air out the house by letting in some crisp fresh air. Houses can get stuffy when they’re all closed up, so make the most of the season while you can.
  2. Summer adventures often mean that dirt and sand make their way into carpets and furniture. Vacuuming is good, but if you need more thorough cleaning, you may want to call in professional carpet cleaners to get the job done right.
  3. Before turning on the furnace to start heating up the house, be sure to clean out the furnace filters. This is also a good time for duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.
  4. Thoroughly sweep, dust, and wash all entryways indoors and out. Don’t forget the cobwebs! You’ll also want to wash your windows before it gets too cold outside.
  5. One way to avoid having to do extensive seasonal cleaning is to hire a professional house cleaning service to do your cleaning on a regular basis. This will also free up your time so you can do the things you enjoy instead of toiling over the housekeeping.

Being organized and working methodically will get you through your fall cleaning, just as it did your spring cleaning. But don’t hesitate to call in the pros when you need an extra hand. In the Indianapolis area, contact Integrity Carpet Care, LLC at (317) 730-2570 to request a quote or to schedule carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and general cleaning services. We also do commercial cleaning and multi-family residences like apartment buildings and condos.