Prevent Costly Water Damage

Water damage can be a very costly hassle. Don’t let a leaky pipe or appliance cause a disaster in your home. Follow these simple steps to avoid an expensive mess, and contact Integrity Carpet Care, LLC at (317) 730-2570 with any of your water damage needs.

Step 1

Water damage can originate from a variety of sources, so it is important to be aware and cautious of possible causes. Watch out for leaky pipes. Leaky pipes are often to blame for water damage issues. If a backed up toilet is not attended to, the water pressure can build up causing pipes to burst. If you live in an old home, your pipes are likely more fragile and prone to leakage. Older pipes can become rusted over time and less able to withstand water pressure or freezing temperatures.

Step 2

Household appliances do not function at their full potential forever. Old appliances like garbage disposals or washing machines can begin to rust at their base, allowing water to drip where it is not wanted. It is important to keep an eye on older machines and replace them if they begin to show signs of deterioration.

Step 3

Dark and damp spaces like a basement or crawl space provide the perfect environment for moisture build up. When moisture becomes trapped, it allows for unseen mold to grow. This area is specifically prone to water damage and should be checked frequently for leaks or rotting.

Who to Call for Help

We are qualified in dealing with water that is where it doesn’t belong. When disaster strikes, contact Integrity Carpet Care, LLC at (317) 730-2570 to prevent any further damage from being done to your home or belongings. We are quick to take action to not only remove the water and fix the source of the problem but to repair the area and ensure a similar problem does not occur again. Your mind will be at ease knowing that we took all necessary steps to treat the damaged area and protect your home against even bigger problems like mold or mildew.