Curb Appeal with Clean Carpets

Summer is the peak season for home buying and selling. There are no second chances to make a good first impression, so clean carpets are a must! Don’t let your home be overlooked by a potential buyer this summer season. Make your first impression count with clean carpets by Integrity Carpet Care, LLC.

Worst Stains Hall of Fame & How to Get Them Out

Ah, that brief time when you get new carpet and it’s still clean. Let’s face it: if you’re a living human being, you’re going to create stains on your carpet. It’s where we walk. It’s where we sit. It’s where our kids and pets sit (and play). There are so many things just waiting to mess up your lovely carpet—but a few are notorious for being difficult to remove. Here are a few of the worst, and some tips on how to do your best to get rid of them from Integrity Carpet Care, LLC.

Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall is upon us, and with the turning of the seasons comes the need to deep clean the house to prepare for more time indoors and getting cozy during the cooler weather. Don’t fret though; you can use our spring cleaning checklist to guide you, and chances are, you’ll have a lot less to do at this time of year anyway. Plus, before you get started, you can take a look at some of the tips and chores below, provided by your friends at Integrity Carpet Care, LLC.

Spring Cleaning Like a Pro

Now that spring has arrived in Indianapolis and in most parts of the country, it’s time to open up the windows, air out the house, and get some much needed fresh air. Next step: spring cleaning!