Summer is the peak season for home buying and selling. There are no second chances to make a good first impression, so clean carpets are a must! Don’t let your home be overlooked by a potential buyer this summer season. Make your first impression count with clean carpets by Integrity Carpet Care, LLC.

Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis
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Everyone wants a clean home, and clean carpets are the first order of business. Home Advisor (2016) suggests cleaning carpets to maintain appearance, health, and longevity of your carpet. Here are some reasons to avoid putting off your routine carpet cleaning:


Does your carpet have tough stains that you can’t remove yourself? Stains from blood, pets, and food take the professional touch to remove. Especially on light colored carpet, stains are incredibly noticeable and distracting to guests and customers. We’ve seen the worst stains hall of fame and know how to get them out. Integrity Carpet Care, LLC offers a 100% guaranteed spot removal promise.

Health Benefits

Carpet traps bacteria, dust, pollen, and pet dander (2016). As air flows through your home, your carpet collects the debris. One of the healthiest things you can do for your family is to have your carpets cleaned regularly. As a benchmark, a low-traffic area without pets or children should be cleaned every 2 years.


Keeping your carpets clean will help to maintain the quality and integrity of the carpet. Tackling hard-to-clean areas with stains gets more challenging as the stain sits. By regularly cleaning your carpets, they’re more likely to last longer.

Let Integrity Carpet Care, LLC safeguard the health of your carpet and your loved ones with regular carpet cleaning by calling (317) 730-2570. As a local, family-owned and –operated business, we’re dedicated to serving our Indianapolis community. We guarantee our spot removal and carpet cleaning. Contact us for a free quote on carpet cleaning and our other cleaning services.

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